Since the days have started getting longer again we decided now, just before race season, would be the best time to test our car in race conditions. We took our car out at 6:45pm onto the tennis courts at our school and practised driving and driver changes. Recently, there has been an increase in members so this was some relaxed conditions to practise driving. After each driver, we practised our driver changers and achieved a full pit stop in just under 30 seconds. The team can’t wait for race season to begin and we’re all excited to start our new 2018 model.


Trying to be artistic



Driver changes


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Rolling Road

For the past few weeks, our team has produced a rolling road. The reason for this is to test our car for 90 minutes to simulate a race. This will aid us to improve our car and make time to create a new 2018 car. We left the car to run for as long as possible and collected some data while it was running however in the end we ran the car for 1 hour but it lasted the full time. The data we have collected for this has informed us that the electronics is fully working therefore we will now be able to race in full conditions and compete while we create a new car.


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Castle Combe 2016



Slightly frustrating race weekend after fixing the speed controller the car seemed to have good pace in practice and both races. But it appeared to that the batteries ran out and the car was recovered to the paddock where the batteries seemed fine and the car returned to the track to do more fast laps before battery problems striking again only to find they were fine?

Back at the workshop we methodically checked all the connections and found a broken contact in the main isolation switch so new one fitted.

we are making a rolling road to run a race distance simulation.

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Stars In A Reasonably Priced Car!

For the first race of the school year we went to the Dunsfold Aerodrome, this happens to be the Top Gear track! When we arrived, the place was buzzing and everyone was excited. Before we left the pits we had found a fault with the car, but our friends at Rotary Racer helped and we were able to continue getting ready. We finally bolted the car together and got out to race. In the first race we lasted 15 minutes before the car stopped. We spent the rest of the race trying our best to fix the car so we could drive in race two. Race two was our best race yet, we were only 20 seconds behind the winning car!  At one point we were 14th.  We had to end the race early but, we were all happy with the result because we came 25th out of 35th. We’re all really proud and can’t wait for Castle Combe next week.

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First crash!

On the 28th of June, we went to Rockingham Motor Speedway for our first race of the season. We’d just finished improving our car, we’d added a new throttle, a paddle style lever. A new , more aerodynamic back and added new gears. We were ready. It was a 4 am start but the races quickly started. On the grid, we were all excited to see our new and improved car in action. It started. We started well and we were on our way but then towards the end of race 1 we got rear ended by another competitor. This ended our race 1. Our brand new back, fresh from the paint shop, smashed and falling apart. Luckily we had gaffa tape to spare and called for an emergency surgery. The gaffa tape enabled us to continue into race 2 which proved a bit slow due to our handicap.

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1 step forward, 2 steps back


Recently we made the decision to create an improved car working on what we’ve already learned. It was only then that we realized that this  would involve re-scaling the car completely. This included unscrewing; jigsawing and re-screwing. we’ve made drastic changes to the car. The original height was 600 mm but after making all the changes the height is now 400 mm. This is approximately 25% of the car. Once the sides are firmly reattached we only have 2 main projects: lower the bonnet and reshape the back.


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This year one of goals was to finish our team board in our school, we printed photos and updated the information. We started off with a few ideas but finally decided on a huge collage as we had too many great photos. This has taken one thing off of our long “to do” list. Next step, Finish the car. Greenpower board.

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Rockingham International Final


Scraped through qualification for the international final at Rockingham Motor Speedway.

3 hour drive to be in the pit garage 7.30am to set up car for practice, prep slowed by puncture, passed  scrutineering, data log from race control fitted, driver briefing done and out on track.

Race 1. With such a large grid and a tight circuit, the race started with a rolling start behind the safety car as the front of the grid would have completed their lap before the back markers got away raising safety issues so the safety car could pace the lap to make sure all had set off.

90 minutes 2 pit stops fingers crossed and stop watches busy, our lap times seemed comparatively slow but the competition was the best in the world and we started 78th.

Race 2. Early to grid for VIP grid walk Helicopters. TV. Dave Richards, and more all before another rolling start.

We decided to turn up the power for more speed balanced against the batteries lasting the 90 minutes.

unsheduled pit stop on first lap caused panic but quick thinking and strategy change meant we only lost one lap through driver being ill. The rest of race was looking good but we ran out of power on last lap and were classified 55th

So 55th in the championship from 500 schools

Fantastic day at such a great venue

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Castle Combe 2015


Late September, Sunday morning, bright sunshine. New shape and new livery and all set for a great day.

Free practice went well and all looking good for race 1. Lap times were consistent, driver changes were pretty good and we finished 28th.

Gear change for race 2 should make the car faster but although all went well we finished 28th?

All tense waiting to hear if we had qualified for the international final.


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Rockingham Motor Speedway 2015

imageProper early start to get to the circuit for 7.30am. It Seems a bit early but it’s full on race preparation , Mot, drivers briefing, free practice, it’s full on for sure.

It was the hottest day, 34 degrees, no shade, it’s hot! 45 degree track temperature.

Greenpower success meant record breaking number of cars on the grid and we finished 28th both races, despite changing gear ratios between races

Moved us upto 62nd in the championship from 500 odd schools.




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